About Me

Hello. Welcome to my site.

I am a proud mom and devoted wife, with a  great job in a city here in Metro Manila.  Growing organic vegetables had always fascinated me, thanks to my mother who at 70 can grow practically anything in her small backyard.

Urban Gardening MomSo I thought of pursuing this passion  by enrolling in a gardening class.  Then I experimented on a few vegetable seeds and had been quite successful with some.

Since then, I became obsessed with growing my own vegetables and herbs.  I need to grow them in containers, to maximize whatever limited space is available for me in our neighborhood.

I must admit that I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I blame the instructions on the seed packet labels which were not helpful at all. This led me to research and learn a lot about particular plants through the internet.

The popular blog sites, as I realized later,  mostly catered to gardening in cold weather conditions,  not to tropical climates like ours here in the Philippines.

I started my own blog so I could share my urban gardening journey with fellow enthusiasts, most especially those living in hot and humid climate zones.

I do hope you enjoy reading my posts. The site is a continuing work in progress.  I will try my best to update it with new posts at least twice a month.  Your suggestions and comments are very much appreciated.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Glo de Castro


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