Epsom Salt: My Little Gardening Secret

A neighbor once asked me how I keep my plants lush and healthy. So I had to reveal one of my gardening secrets:  I give these plants a boost once a month with epsom salt.   Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfur,  two important minerals needed by plants to help their roots absorb more efficiently the various nutrients found in the soil. Whenever I use epsom salt, I always see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the plants,  within a few days of application.

Unlike most commercial fertilizers, epsom salt dissolves completely in water and therefore, its residues do not build up in the soil or flow into the water streams. For this reason,  organic farmers often use epsom salt as additive, to boost the growth of their plants.  By itself, it is not a complete fertilizer, and so it works best only in combination with other organic fertilizers or compost.

How to Use Epsom Salt

Dissolve one tablespoon of Epsom Salt for every liter of water. You can either spray the solution on the leaves of the plants or use it to water the plants at the root base. I also add liquid organic fertilizer to the solution, especially when I see that the plants need a boost of nutrients. Epsom salt can also be sprinkled directly on the soil, right before watering the plants.

However, I would caution against using too much of it.  Otherwise, the plants will grow too many leaves, and not enough flowers or fruits.

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About Glo de Castro

The author is a lawyer and an executive in a leading real estate company in the Philippines. Urban gardening is one of her hobbies and passion. She created this website because she loves to write about her gardening experiences and share them with fellow gardeners. She also conducts seminars about urban gardening occasionally.

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