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Gardening Tips During The Rainy Days

 One common problem that we urban gardeners encounter whenever the month of June arrives is the rainy season that comes along with it. Planting can be harsh during the summertime, but it is just as laborious during the rainy season. In this blog, I am sharing with you some tips and tricks on how you can make your wet weather gardening fun and less stressful!


1.  If it is no longer serving you well, cut it off.

  • Storms and heavy rainfalls are expected during this season. Cut any dead branches from your plant to avoid them from snapping and damaging the other plants that surround it.
  • Infestations are also common during this season, so checking any signs of pests in your plant during morning is advisable. Apply a solution of 5ml neem oil, 5 ml liquid soap, and 1 Liter of water to your plants once a week will help protect them from unwanted inhabitants.



 2. A little support goes a long way.

  • Tall plants and strong winds don't go well together. Gently tying your plant to wooden support will help protect it from snapping or receiving physical damage from the harsh weather.
  • The rainy season also tends to wash away some of the essential nutrients in your soil, applying a good amount of organic fertilizer at the sides of your plant's base will help replenish its nutrients.


3. Don't bottle it up, have the strength to let go.

  • Even though our plants love the refreshment brought by the rain showers, too much of it will probably end up drowning them. Soil tends to harden after being exposed to water for a long period, and this can also cause problems to your plants! Avoid water pools by making sure you have adequate drainage in your pots, and around the vicinity of your garden. A well draining potting mix and pot will help you get through this.


4. Take good care of yourself too.

  • Cold and flu is common during the rainy season, make sure to wear rain coat, boots, and other necessary gears to protect yourself from getting drenched in the rain.
  • Make it a habit to check in with yourself. Your garden is only an extension of you, so to make sure it remains well taken care of and protected, you have to also take good care of yourself.



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