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C&S SOIL-LESS POTTING MIX Best Suited for Cactus and Succulents / THE URBAN GARDENING SHOP

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Cacti and other succulents can store moisture in their own pads, stems and trunks. This allows them to withstand drought and extremely dry environments. Majority of these types of plants make an excellent houseplant because of their minimal requirements for maintenance. Some cacti even produce lovely or coloful flowers.

While maintenance is rarely required for them, their roots can be very sensitive to moisture- too much of it can cause the roots to rot. Therefore, using the right potting mix is important for cacti and succulents. Ordinary potting media either retain too much moisture or dries up too quickly.

This potting mix is specifically recommended for Cactus and Succulents. Unlike the regular potting mix, it contains more pumice stones which help retain just enough moisture for the cacti to absorb as they need it. It also drains water faster, thus preventing excess moisture from accumulating at the roots.



  • Ideal for Cactus and Succulents (better draining than regular soil)
  • Premium quality all- organic materials
  • With more pumice stones for better drainage capability
  • NEEM-infused to fight against root pests and fungi
  • More sterile and absolutely no soil added
  • Complete with plant nutrients
  • Prevents water clogging and encourages healthy roots

 Each pack weighed approximately 1kilogram at the time of packing. The weight may vary slightly over time, as the coco peat material is exposed externally to heat and other elements during shipping.

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