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Air Pruning and Root Trainer Pot

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Air pruning is a revolutionary idea in container gardening. In a standard pot, as the root tips reach the edge of the pots, they continue to grow and wrap around the roots, ultimately becoming root bound. With an air pruning pot, as the plants’ roots reach the bottom and sides of the pot, the surrounding air causes the roots’ tips to dry out and eventually, stop growing. This process ("air pruning") forces the plants’ roots to grow more branches, resulting in more fibrous roots. A dense and fibrous root system means healthier plants because there are more roots that absorb water and nutrients in the soil.

Air Pruning Pots are made from upcycled plastic (HDPE) which are re-usable and highly durable. These pots are very light and easy to move around, making them very ideal for container gardening in the urban setting. They are easy to dis-assemble, wash and store, when not in use.

Available Colors and Sizes


20cm x20cm (approx 1.8 gallon) 

20cm x 25cm (approx 2.2 gallon)

25cm x 25cm (approx 3.0 gallon)


20cm x 25cm (approx 2.2 gallon)

25cm x 25cm (approx 3.0 gallon)

30cmx30cm (approx. 4.8 gallon)