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LACTO EM An Effective Micro-organism Solution/ THE URBAN GARDENING SHOP

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One of the most important products that I highly recommend for organic gardeners is the Effective Microorganism (EM) Solution. Invented in Japan, the EM is a mixture of pro-biotic beneficial microorganisms that helps kill and control human and plant pathogens. It has many uses in the garden, including seed germination, plant nutrient uptake, composting, and soil conditioning. it is absolutely non-toxic to humans and had been highly recommended by most gardening experts for use in organic farming.

The Perfect Lacto EM Solution contains effective microorganisms inocculant and can be used by itself, or in combination with molasses, to produce an EM Activated Solution.

To use, simply mix 1 tablespoon of Perfect Lacto EM Solution for every 1 liter of unchlorinated water. Use this solution for seed soaking prior to seed starting, and for watering your plants (at least once a week). It helps in controlling plant pathogens and biological toxins that are present in the soil, improving soil quality and allowing more beneficial organisms to thrive in the soil over time. This means healthier plants that are less prone to diseases and more abundant produce in the long run. The solution can also be used for cleaning purposes, like washing raw food/ vegetables, cleaning sinks, toilets and garbage cans, or even as additive to your compost. It is completely harmless to pets and humans, and most importantly, an environment-friendly alternative to the toxic cleansing agents that we use at home.

*To prepare unchlorinated water, simply leave tap water in an open container overnight to dissipate the chlorine content in the chlorinated water.

Happy gardening!