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Home Products Ramgo Seeds: Chaism (Flowering Pechay)

Ramgo Seeds: Chaism (Flowering Pechay)

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How to Grow Chaism

Chaism can be grown in any medium- sized container with enough holes to allow water to drain properly. To ensure larger leaves, proper spacing in between the seedlings is ideal. Allow at least 2 inches of space in between each seedling. I would usually sprinkle the seeds thinly into an elongated container, and after two weeks, I thin them out by pulling some of the seedlings

Watering is needed when the soil feels dry. During summer, watering daily may be necessary, because this type of plant has the tendency to wilt when it lacks water. Fertilize with vermicast when the seedling is at least 3 weeks old.

Like pechay, chaism can thrive even with only partial sun. At least 4 hours of morning sun is needed to maximize its growth potential. During summer, it's best to give the plants a little shade as they wilt easily and/or may taste too bitter.

The leaves, flower and stalk are all edible and can be ready for harvest in just 6 weeks. To harvest, cut off the entire plant at the root base nearest to the ground. After washing off the dirt, store the harvested leaves in a clear plastic bag and place them inside the refrigerator's vegetable section. The leaves would usually last for more than a week when stored properly.