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Urban Gardening Mom: Join me in my advocacy.

Join me in my advocacy.

I started my passion for urban gardening just a few years ago. Like many newbies, I made a lot of mistakes before finally getting it right.

I researched and followed some well known bloggers. But I realized later that all of them are based overseas, mostly in temperate zones. So their practices are not necessarily applicable to our tropical setting.

So I said to myself,  why not create my own blog so that I could share my gardening experienceswith fellow enthusiasts, especially those living in the same tropical environment.

That’s how I started my blog “Urban Gardening Mom“.

Eventually, I turned my passion into a personal advocacy. I want more people to experience the benefits of urban gardening – not only to the environment but also in their personal lives.

By reaching out to more people, especially the younger generations,  I want them to realize that there are a lot of things that you can learn from gardening, like the value of patience and caring for other creatures, whether big or small.

So I hope that you find my blogs useful. Feel free to share my posts with your friends. Through gardening, we can make this world a better place– one seed at a time.

Visit to learn more. Happy gardening!

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