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Grow as we go through Urban Gardening!

If you're an avid reader of my blogs, I know you're well aware of how passionate I am in learning and sharing what I know about Urban Gardening. I have been writing blogs online to share gardening tips and tricks for years now, and it is only recently that I carefully thought about improving how I connect with my fellow urban gardeners like you.

In the past two months, I dedicated myself to sharing my learnings and experience by conducting a two-part online webinar titled Urban Gardening 101. I realized that with the heightened fear and anxiety brought by the pandemic, many Filipinos have resorted to gardening as an avenue to escape and find solace. Because of this fact, I realized that there's no better time to step up and share my learnings with you but now.

I have hosted training and seminars in the past, but I have never experienced orchestrating an event without a physical audience. This experience is something new to me, and I must admit although I may sound like a skilled professional in this field, I still felt a little bit anxious as to how my urban gardening 101 sessions will unfold.

The first part of my learning session happened last April 24, 2021, at 10 AM. This program focused more on plant propagation through seed starting & cutting. Although we experienced a few technical difficulties, we picked up immediately, and the rest of the program ran smoothly. I demonstrated several ways to propagate plants live in the comfort of my home, and I enjoyed how responsive and active the audiences were.

The following month, we followed up with the second part of our Urban Gardening 101. Scheduled on May 15, 2021, this event serves as a supplement that generously tackled how to maintain and take care of their budding plants. We ended the program with the official launch of the Urban Gardening Mom Community, a group on Facebook which aims to help bring together urban gardeners who want to learn and grow.

I enjoyed the past two months sharing and learning along with you through our ZOOM sessions. Although I still keep receiving questions about when the next Urban Gardening 101 will happen, I think I will be taking a bit of time, for now, to get back to my garden. The rainy season is already here, and we got a lot of things to prepare to make sure our garden patch will remain #weatherproof in the coming months. In the meantime, let's still keep in touch through my blogs. I would also love to have you in my Urban Gardening Community, which you can learn more about if you follow me on my social media accounts.



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