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A Few Simple Tips to Take Care of Those Gardening Hands

Your gardening doesn’t have to ruin those beautiful hands.  Dry and cracked skin, callouses and dirty nails are but some of the complaints of avid gardeners. Gardening may also expose your skin to harmful germs and insects that can bring diseases or cause you  allergies.  It’s important that you protect yourself  while gardening, by following a few simple tips on how to care for those working hands.

Petroleum JellyMoisturize!

Before gardening, apply some  moisturizing cream on your hands, focusing on the finger tips and nails.  I use petroleum jelly because it  works well as a moisturizer and as protection for your skin at the same time. It’s also more economical because just a little amount goes a long way.

gardening hands 4Add a layer of protection

Sometimes,  your gardening gloves could accumulate germs or bacteria, especially  if they are not properly cleaned or stored. Before wearing them, consider using disposable plastic gloves underneath. This will keep the moisture in your skin and protect your hands from the harsh elements that may seep through your gloves, as you tend to your garden.

Invest in a good pair of  glovesgardening hands 3

Garden gloves should be able protect your hands from cuts, callouses and drying skin.  After each use, make sure to wash away the dirt with soap and water.  Dry them well before storing in the cabinet for future use. Optionally, it’s good to have an extra pair of gloves.  The first pair can be used for working on the soil (like transplanting or tilling), while the other pair for use when you are working on your plants (such as pruning, spraying, or watering).

Wash your hands after

When you are done for the day, use a good anti-bacterial soap with a wet sponge.  Scrub away any dirt that you may have caught during those long hours of gardening. Wash off any soapy residues with lukewarm water.  After drying your hands, apply another round of petroleum jelly or a good quality cream on your hands and nails. Happy gardening!

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