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Air Pruning: A Revolutionary Idea in Container Gardening

Air pruning is a revolutionary concept in container gardening. It  helps create a healthy root system. When your plants have healthy roots, they can absorb water and nutrients more efficiently.  Healthy roots also mean that your plants will be less prone to common diseases.  Read on to learn more about air pruning here. 


What is air pruning and how it works?

In a standard plant container, as the roots reach the borders of the pots, they continue to grow along it, creating a root bound spiral shape. As time goes by, they grow thick and intertwined, limiting their absorption of water and nutrients. Eventually, the plants get “strangled”,  affecting their  growth over time. They tend to appear sickly and/or are not able to produce more fruits or flowers.

Air pruning stops the root’s growth at the wall of the container.  As the plants’ roots reach the bottom and sides of the pot, the surrounding air causes the roots’ tips to dry out and eventually, stop growing.  So instead of wrapping around the wall,  the plant is forced to grow more roots, creating a stronger and more dispersed root system.

There are many types of air pruning pots. One is made of fabric, and another made of perforated recycled plastic. Some bloggers also suggest making your own by drilling holes in your pots. The basic concept is the same, letting the surrounding airflow from the sides and bottom of the pot to stop the growth of the roots’ tips and instead,  promote the growth of more root fibers.

(Source: “What is An Air Pot – How Does Air Pruning Work”, posted by Liz Baessler,

What is an air pruning pot?

Air Pruning Pots - Urban Gardening Mom
The air from the holes forces the tips to dry up and stop growing.

Air pruning pots are  especially designed to encourage healthy roots in plants. As the roots reach the edge of the pots,  air flowing through holes stops the roots from growing any further.

Air Pruning- Urban Gardening Mom
As the root tips stop growing, the roots are forced to branch out, creating a more fibrous root system.

This process forces the plants to grow more root branches, resulting in more fibrous roots. A dense and fibrous root system means healthier plants because there are more roots that absorb water and nutrients in the soil. This technique has also been proven useful in the propagation of larger plants or trees.  Seedlings of trees that had been started in air pruning pots have a greater chance of survival when transplanted to their final location.

Now available:  Air Pruning Pots

Available for the first time in the Philippines

Air pruning pots are now available in the Philippines. These pots are re-usable and highly durable. Because they are made from upcycled plastic, they are environment-friendly. The pots are very light and easy to move around, most ideal for urban/ container gardening. They are also easy to dis-assemble, wash and store, when not in use.  Whether indoors or outdoors, these air pruning pots can be used for any type of soil-bound plants.


How to Use

Assemble the pot by wrapping the sheet around the edge of the round bottom. The sheet holes should be protruding outwards, while the bottom spikes should be pointing downwards. Use the screws to hold the sheet in place.

How to Order

To order air pruning pots, just click this Shopee link:

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Happy gardening everyone!

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Roselle Gomez
18:30 Tuesday, 18 May 2021

The air pruning pot has large holes at the bottom. Is there a need to place some lining to avoid too much soil from getting out of the pot?

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