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Back to Basics: Why you should Introduce your Kids to Gardening

Our digital age has created a new lifestyle.   Some of the old values are slowly being replaced with a new way of thinking.   While I am not against this, I personally believe that our kids should still learn the “wisdom of the old”,  as how our parents used to teach us.  This is why I am strongly urging parents to teach  gardening to their kids. Gardening exposes our children to some of these important life lessons that will help them later on as they grow older.

10 simple life lessons that our kids learn from gardening:

Life lesson # 1:  Plant kindness, gather love.

Kids should be constantly reminded of this golden rule:  treat others the way you want to be treated.  As in gardening, you reap what you sow.

Life lesson #2:  A deeply rooted tree bears more fruits.

Nature never fails to remind us to look back and reflect where we came from. Gardening teaches us to stay grounded and be humble.

Life lesson #3:  Be patient.

During these times when everything is just a click away,  gardening teaches our kids the value of waiting. Some things simply can not be rushed.

Life lesson # 4:  Life is not a bed of roses.

Life is not always easy.  Through gardening, our children learn that it takes hard work and a lot of perseverance to realize their goals in life.

Life lesson # 5:  All things grow with love.

Any plant that is nurtured with love will grow beautifully.  Same is true with life, be it about building a relationship, or growing a business.

Life lesson # 6:  After a storm, a rainbow.

Nature teaches us about hope.  Remember that the sun always shines beautifully, after each stormy weather.

Life lesson #7:  A flower is God’s way of smiling.

God speaks to us through his creations. A flower bloom reminds us that He’s just there, watching over us.

Life lesson #8:  Take time to smell the roses.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of work or school, gardening encourages our children to slow down, relax and appreciate the beauty around us.

Life lesson #9: Every living creature has a purpose.

From nature, our children learn how to value life- whether their own or that of another being. Even the smallest living organism serves a special purpose in our environment.

Life lesson #10:  If you fail, it’s okay to start again.

Even the most experienced gardeners fail occasionally.  In gardening,  it’s okay to fail. Our kids should learn  from their own mistakes and not be afraid to try again.

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