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Elevate Your Green Space with Top-Notch Plant Care Products

 🌿Unlock the Secret to Lush Greenery! 🌿 

Discover our handpicked selection of best-selling garden care products that will breathe life into your plantscape.

From our premium-quality potting mix to organic plant nutrients and pest control solutions, each item on this list is a tried-and-true favorite among both seasoned gardeners and budding plant enthusiasts.  

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 8-liter Soilless Potting Mix

Soilless Potting Mix

Elevate your gardening game with our best-selling potting media - a gardener’s secret to lush, vibrant plants 🌻🌳🌺 Unleash the full potential of your green sanctuary with nutrient-rich goodness and the perfect balance of aeration and moisture retention.

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Cold-Pressed Neem Oil and Castile Soap

Naturally Defend Your Garden! 🌿🐜 Embrace the power of Neem Oil and Castile Soap - the eco-friendly duo that keeps pesky garden pests at bay! 🌱🐞 Gentle on your plants, tough on intruders! 🌼🌿 Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a thriving, pest-free garden! 🌻🏡


Air Pruning Pot

Air Pruning Pots

Unleash Root Power with Air Pruning Pots! 🌱 Experience gardening innovation at its finest. Our air pruning pots naturally guide your plant's roots, promoting stronger fibrous root growth and ultimately healthier plants. Say goodbye to root-bound troubles and hello to flourishing gardens.  🌿✨

All - Natural and Organic Plant Nutrients

Fuel Your Garden's Potential with the Right Nutrients for your Plant Babies! 🌿🌱 Introducing our organic plant nutrients, crafted to nurture your garden the natural way. Watch your plants thrive and bloom with vitality, while you contribute to a healthier planet. Elevate your garden's beauty while embracing eco-friendly excellence. 🌼🌎

Grow & Glow Plant Spray and Plant Wipes

Discover the magic of our gardening spray and plant wipes that unveil the natural radiance of your beloved plants. ✨🌿 Say goodbye to dust and dullness, and hello to vibrant, glowing foliage. Elevate your green haven and let your plants shine like stars in the garden sky. 🌟


Also available: Premium Potting Mix Products

    • 8-liter Soilless Potting Mix (All Purpose)
    • 8-liter Monstera Potting Mix
    • 8-liter Succulent Potting Mix
    • 8-liter Veggie Potting Mix
    • 8-liter Alocasia Potting Mix
    • 8-liter Orchid Gold Mix
    • 8-liter Anthurium Potting Mix
    • 8-liter Ficus Potting Mix
    • 8-liter Sansevieria Potting Mix


    PLUS FREE 2.0 liter SOILLESS POTTING MIX for every P600.00 minimum spend. Hurry, shop now!


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