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Indoor Herb Garden: A Mini Garden in the Workplace

Lack of space shouldn’t stop anyone from having a small garden at home or even in the office. A few months ago, I decided to extend my herb garden to my workplace.  I planted some herbs in small pots from cuttings that I had back home, choosing those herbs that are quite easy to grow  like basil, mint, lemon balm and tarragon. 


Here are a few tips for starting your indoor herb garden:

Tip # 1  Position your indoor herb garden where it will get at least 4 hours of sunlight.

I’m quite fortunate that my office window gets a good dose of  afternoon sun daily. For some offices or homes, getting enough sunlight can be challenging. In this case, I would suggest choosing indoor ornamental plants instead, since these plants do not require direct  sunlight.

Tip # 2  Water the plants from the bottom

I only water the plants  when I see that the soil is drying up, typically twice a week.   Use a small dish to hold the plant container and then fill this dish with water. The pot should have enough holes in the bottom through which the water can be absorbed. This method allows the plants’ roots  to absorb water without overwatering them.

Tip # 3  Keep away from airconditioning drafts

The air conditioning drafts may cause the leaves of the plants to dry out from the cold air coming from the units.  Avoid placing the plants directly under airconditioning drafts or near its heating duct.

Tip # 4  Mist your plants occasionally

Most indoor plants benefit from occasional misting of  water.  Use a spray bottle to mist the leaves with tap water at least once a week.  This is particularly useful  for indoor plants that are constantly exposed to air conditioning.

Tip # 5  Fertilize once a month

Plants grown in containers will eventually deplete the nutrients in the soil.  Regularly feed the plants with small amounts of organic fertilizer to replenish the minerals that the roots need.

These plants will not grow as lush as those that I have at home due to the limited sunlight.  But still,  it’s such a great delight to see them everyday  as they brighten up my workplace. Plus,  it’s comforting to note that I can just pick some fresh tarragon or mint leaves from my mini herb garden for my afternoon tea anytime.

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