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Urban Gardening Tips on Growing Zinnias in Containers

These are my first zinnia blooms. I never thought zinnias can grow this lovely under our tropical weather here in Manila.   Both the pink and corral zinnia varieties have grown so well and have blossomed generously.


Pink zinnias in full bloom

Pink zinnias in full bloom

I planted them from 2 packets of seeds which I bought about three months ago.

Zinnias after 6 weeks

Zinnias after 6 weeks

Zinnias generally don’t like to be transplanted.  I sowed my seeds directly in elongated 8-inch deep plastic containers, filled with potting soil that I mixed with some slow release fertilizer pellets.  The seeds germinated in about 3 – 5 days. In about 6 -8. weeks, the flower buds started to appear.


corral zinnia in full bloom


Zinnias grow best under full sun. They need at least 6 hours of sun everyday. They are relatively easy to maintaIn. Water them only as needed, as they don’t want to be soaked.


zinnias in container pots

Regular trimming of the old flower blooms will help them grow more foliage and  flowers. This  practice is called “deadheading”.   With proper care, they grow well in containers and will continuously produce lovely flowers.. perfect for small urban gardens.


I found a perfect location for my zinnias at my bedroom patio. To ensure continuous blooms, it helps to condition the soil with compost and slow release fertilizer once a month.

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