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Kahariam Farms' Certified Organic Vermicast

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One of the most useful products that I use regularly to enhance the soil's quality is the VERMICAST. Vermicast (worm castings) is the substance left by the earthworms after what it eats passes through its digestive tract (worm manure). Worms, also known as “vermi” break down organic matter by consuming said matter. After consumption they leave behind “castings” that are an excellent soil enhancer and bioactive high quality fertilizer for organic farming and gardening. This is a perfect alternative to using chemical fertilizers and has been proven in field tests.

I'd like to distinguish Vemicast and Vermicompost. Vermicompost (worm compost) contains some earthworm castings, it also contains droppings from the multitude of other creatures that call your compost its home, plus bits of organic matter in various stages of decomposition. Therefore, in terms of effectivity, vermicast is a lot better and safer to use than vermi-compost.

Some suppliers would claim that they sell pure vermicast, when in fact, they are selling vermi-compost, mixed with soil. They can sell cheaper by weight but not necessarily more cost effective.

Kahariams' vermicast is composed of 90% worm castings. It is the ideal organic fertilizer for your vegetables and flower’s gardening needs. Its vermicast is one of the few organic fertilizers approved for organic rice & vegetable production. Being the largest earthworm farm in the whole of the Philippines, their product is approved & registered with the Bureau of Soil and Water Management, a branch under the Department of Agriculture and certified by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines. So we are assured of its quality.

Today the farm is processing at least 10 tons of manure everyday and producing 200 tons of vermicast per month. The farm has over 10 tons of African night crawlers in all its vermibins. They are not only helping create highly nutrient organic fertilizer to aid in farm and garderning growth but also in managing waste by turning over 500 tons of agri waste into this rich virgin soil every month!

Why switch to Kahariam Farms' Vermicast?

• Kahariam Farms' Vermicast is registered with the Department of Agricutlure's Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS)
• Organically certified with OCCP from 2006-2017
• Kahariam Farms is the largest and most reputable producer of Vermicast
• Been analyzed to have enough NPK levels for maximum plant growth
• Packed in a resealable kraft bag, for better storage and quality control