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Pumice for Soil Amendment

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PUMICE is a type of volcanic rock that is extremely light that has been used in gardening for soil amendment. It's a 100% natural growing media that helps in moisture retention, aeration, and soil drainage. It is especially beneficial for container gardening as an ingredient for potting media, and also for cacti and succulents, and other varieties of water sensitive plants. It is also used in hydroponics as a growing medium.


- Pumice contains a few trace minerals that don't break down. It improves soil structure.

- It loosens heavy soil, and keeps the soil from compacting, thereby improving aeration.

- It improves drainage in any kind of soil, even in heavy rains or excessive watering.

- It retains excess moisture within its porous structure. It acts like a sponge that can hold water until the plants would actually need it.